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    Change careers or advance your career with a PDI Certificate

    Are you looking for an efficient way to progress in your career path? Consider one of PDI’s professional certificate programs. They’re designed with the working professional in mind and allow you to gain the necessary knowledge and skills without having to return to college for a degree. Learn from practicing professionals through lecture and hands-on training in one of these exciting fields: Paralegal, Registered Dental Assistant, Private Investigator, Certified Medical Codes, and/or HR Professional. PDI has a certificate program for you...

    PDI has also partnered with the premier online learning provider Ed2Go for a variety of online certificate programs- another option if you’re looking to earn your certificate online.

    After several years of putting off obtaining my paralegal certificate, I decided to go for it. I was one of those people, who thought, "I already work in the legal field, so why do I need a certificate?" Well the market has drastically changed and thus so have the employment qualifications. So after 20 years in the legal field, I put aside my prejudices and decided to obtain my paralegal certificate. It was one of the best career decisions. I chose to attend the PDI/UNT program because of the time factor and cost savings compared to other programs. I attended the blended program which included both the online and classroom formats. Time flew by and my brain processed a lot of information in a short amount of time, but it was refreshing and after achieving that goal, the feeling of accomplishment on graduation day was awesome. So whether you are thinking about advancing your career or changing to a new career, consider getting your paralegal certificate from PDI/UNT. Becoming a paralegal opens up a new world of opportunity for you and the skills developed can be used in many different aspects of your life. So go for it!

    Elena Taylor